About Us


 Hi, my name is Kassy, and I am the creator of Capital City Sewing. I have been sewing and designing clothing for as long as I remember, and even studied fashion production and design in college. 

People always tell me they wish they could do what I do, but they can, it just takes a bit of devotion to hone your abilities. I want to share my knowledge and skill with you - everything that I have learned and continue to learn, so that you can create your own garments. 

Why am I so passionate about other people learning to sew their own clothing?

While I love the fashion industry, I am turned off by the amount of waste it produces. Many consumers have no appreciation for clothing - how it is made, who made it, and what it is made from. It is so important to me that people begin to realize what goes into a garment, so they can appreciate all the hard work that goes into their clothing and stop spending frivolously on items that are made in poor conditions and made cheaply. Clothing should not be something we feel OK about throwing out, it should be something we treasure and love.